July 10, 2007

The Nicolais of Cloverdale

Our arrival into Cloverdale was greeted by deep blue skies, mild summer weather and tree covered hills. The fertile Alexander Valley is lush with vineyards as evidenced by acres and acres of healthy vines that surround the many world renowned wineries.

As we entered Clover Springs and meandered our way through the neighborhood to "Creekside Motorcoach Resort", we drove with anticipation at seeing mom and dad. As we rounded the last corner, there they stood in front of their home! Mom with her ever present camera in hand, taking photos and dad looking on with smiles of joy...or maybe it was the of look of...Wow, that sure is huge! When you have over 60 feet of motorcoach and car pull up in front of your home, it can be an imposing sight.

Although our width filled almost half of the street, there was ample room to safely park...and with the entire block of homeowners aware and so receptive to our visit, our perfect "pad" was secured for our stay. And as always mom and dad had the red carpet rolled out for their favorite daughter and son-in-law (as they only have one daughter). Chilled wine, ice cold beers, thick steaks for the grill & decadent desserts awaited our always grateful and "empty" palettes.

As is the norm, the home was immaculate and the gardens meticulously maintained. The rear garden tantalized your vision with a rainbow of vivid colors and the sound of a burbling waterfall soothed you into complete relaxation...one could say this is the Shangri-La of Cloverdale. And we did relax, eat, relax and then eat again during our stay...with only minor "interruptions" to burn off some of those great meals with walks on the serene hiking paths throughout the neighborhood. We shall return many times to the only 5 Star Motorcoach Resort in Clover Springs!

Visits from the many loving friends that mom and dad have met during their years in Cloverdale also provided some wonderful conversations. All were quite impressed with our coach and enjoyed the 5¢tours we offered them. And we found a common bond with these dear friends…they too are adventurers…with a stage not of the highways of the U.S….but of the world.

As usual time was too short here and our morning of departure snuck upon us. Although our hugs and waves may be interpreted as a “goodbye”…we both know that miles, states or countries are insignificant when it comes to our parents, brothers and sisters. Staying connected is as simple as a keystroke on the computer or dialing a number on our phones, but our daily thoughts and love transcend all forms of communication and is the most direct link….that of the heart.
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