July 1, 2007

Cambria...In the Rear View Mirror

This morning we bid a fond farewell to the Central Coast and a warm hello to the next destination. As we drive eastward and see the deep blue coastline in our rear view mirror slowly disappear we can both agree that the “Pines By The Sea”, was truly the first waypoint that we created together. Although we arrived at separate times, we were both drawn to the of lure Cambria, for rest, healing and strength for the “unknown” paths and destinations that we knew awaited us. Little did we know that a decade of growth would pass before the moments were right to depart on this wonderful adventure. Over the years here, the enchantment of the Central Coast filled us with many joyful moments, provided a myriad of loving friendships and leaves us with the knowledge that it will indeed be a place that we will call “home” and shall someday return to.

For now though, all road leads us north...
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