March 18, 2008

Hasta La Vista, Aloha, Sayonara, Tot Ziens....Farewell

During these brief months in Oregon we have managed to say these words to so many wonderful new friends and peers. Individuals whose home may be "mobile", whose lifestyle may be nomadic, but all whose dogmas include zest, happiness, sincerity and spirits that offer truth instead of judgment.

Through these experiences, we are again reminded that friendships are not solely created over months or years and that length of time does not define the depth of any relationship.

Friendships are not drawn to us by sharing our financial statements, highlighting the neighborhoods we have lived in, dressing toward a style or trend and advertising what we drive. Friendships are not nurtured by creating an illusion, fostering deception or being artificial.

Oh, and what joy, wisdom and love we have found from our fellowship of friends...neighbors, healers, life teachers and kindred spirits! Relationships amazingly developed and nourished over just a few days or a long month. Our passings have been brief, but through lively conversations, evening gatherings, a shared meal or two and many illustrative emails...we have created a bond strong enough to withstand the distance of land and time.

And like raindrops descending to mother earth, the time will come for us all to disburse to those special "waypoints", drawing us at any given moment, may it be north, south east or west. But just as the sunshine breaks through the clouds, we know we all will again gather to create a rainbow...of contrasting colors, beliefs and identities... joined in union to celebrate friendship.

To these folks we wish adventure, safe travels, calm harbors, good health...and "warm sunshine".