February 7, 2008

The You Turns

We have just returned to beautiful Champoeg State Heritage Park. It seems that a wayward park host had gotten lost…a no show, no call… and thus leaving the park without a second B-loop host. Since we were currently available and located nearby, the park’s Visitor Service Team Leader put us atop his short list of candidates to call. With some adjustments to our schedule, a request for our assistance was easily consented. It is a pleasure to realize that our past efforts were appreciated and valued enough to be asked back again.

There will also be some additional changes to our scheduling this year. We have decided to return to the Golden State earlier than planned…back to our beloved Central Coast…an oasis that offers nourishment, health and healing.

As we settled into the New Year, we pondered at our decision to travel north to the State of Oregon. We reflect back on all those roads to adventure that we were drawn to. How can we ever forget all those “alluring” landscapes that graced our camera lens and have enhanced our consciousness of this planet’s natural beauty? And then we sit back and ask…what desires and promises were realized?

Not surprisingly...the answer comes easy to us. Our desire toward adventure continued to be realized…and we honored the promise we made to each other that our life is boundless and must be lived unabashed, with enthusiasm and passion.

For those that truly know us…they will say…that’s just who they are…life and the “experience” guide and dictate their choices…and for those that question…maybe we are quite challenging to comprehend and understand.

The State of Oregon is gorgeous…a natural wonder unto itself…
But right now, it is but a vacation destination to visit…to explore, enjoy and appreciate all the natural beauty…not the place we dream of to settle…if indeed there is such a place. Ah, but we are good travelers…"to have no fixed plans and are not intent on arriving”.

So for now we stand firm…we will continue to create our tomorrows by what we believe in today…and will always have the “eyes” to dream of new adventures. We definitely are not living these moments for any promises of tomorrow…but instead we choose to be here now, knowing that our tomorrows will always be promising...

We end this post on a quote from novelist Marcel Proust, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes”...
We look forward to our full circle and sharing this familiar sunset with each other.