January 26, 2009

The Year of the Ox

The Year of the Ox, year 4706 in the Chinese lunar calendar, is supposed to represent prosperity through perseverance and hard work. As this New Year begins with uncertainty to many, the cure may be on the next horizon with the vision, zest and strength of a new President. And although we are also impacted by economic doldrums, we have chosen to rise to the challenges and seek out those rays of sunshine and opportunities that do exist.

We closed 2008 with a special Christmas visit from Mom & Susie Blanco. We spent many an afternoon in search of rare sea glass and moonstones. The Pelican Cove not only provided excellent accommodations, but daily all you can eat and drink meals…full breakfast buffets, a happy hour offering wine & many cheese selections and decadent evening dessert samplings. And once again, as with all the Blanco Christmas mornings, we practiced the finely crafted art of “gift unwrapping”…in which skill levels are now reaching the mastery stage.

The year began with a wonderful visit from our dear friends Dick & Melinda. Plowing their way out of Oregon and avoiding the flooding, they managed to reach the temperate shores of Cambria and San Simeon State Park. With an offering of warm temps, clear skies and brilliant sunshine, our days and evenings were filled with strolls on our beautiful shoreline and beaches, a tour of Hearst Castle, Elephant Seal watching, good food and even tastier wines. As we bid farewell to them, our yearnings toward the full-time lifestyle again reared up it's beautiful head as we saw their own coach, with a stunning backdrop of our deep blue ocean, drive south down Pacific Coast Highway.
Next, we greeted Mom & Dad Nicolai who were enroute home after a week long vacation in Tucson, Arizona. It is always great to spend time them...but especially this visit since it was Dad's 75th birthday...a true milestone to a life set to add many more stories to an already storied legacy. We enjoyed Moonstone Beach, some fine local dining and the continued offerings of perfect weather.

Our plans now are to “hang loose” and enjoy San Simeon State Park for a few more weeks. Serendipity has drawn to us that special retreat in the woods…a home nestled in the trees...just right to ponder and plan our next path.