November 23, 2016

On The Road Again...

"On the road again. Just can't wait to get on the road again. 
The life I love is making music with my friends."
Willie Nelson

Traveling is like flirting with life and yet another event has once again been manifested! "Webegone" has finally arrived in Grass Valley, CA and so we headed up north to formally adopt our new ride, a Dynamax Isata 3 motorhome. Several campfires, few glasses of wine, a shot or two of Crown and then the timing of our pickup led us to the name Webegon. This will be our transporter to unknown lands, our tipi in those still wild places, the escape pod from the toxic clouds of politics...our portal to new experiences.

Dynamax's annual week-long dealer show, backordered parts and an appointment from Mercedes Tech to diagnose a faulty sensor, set our pick up date back three weeks. But since time was not of the essence and we were committed to demonstrating the virtue of patience (patience is the key to concealing my impatience), we pledged to make sure that the production of completing a blemish free rig would not be compromised by a pain in the ass impatient buyer. In truth though...we were like expectant parents waiting for "the water to break."

We arrived at the dealership the day prior to our appointment, so we dropped in for a glimpse of our new rig. We found it snugly hidden among other motorhomes and secured in the pre-delivery area of the dealer's lot. Just beautiful, perfect and everything we had hoped it to be!

We left, eager for tomorrow to arrive. Our appointment had two priorities... first, complete all the necessary paperwork, transfer a couple of bucks and take possession of the keys. And second, participate in a thorough walk-through of our new motorhome with a dealer tech. Although we are experienced rv'ers and quite familiar with LP, water and electrical systems on a motorhome, a new model year may feature some new advanced technology. Therefore, we treat every walk-through as our first, because we believe that if our willingness to learn is strong, any difficulties will be subdued. But our experience was disappointing to say the least and our knowledge of the manufacturer, model and features far exceeded that of our dealer salesman.  Fortunately, we have a very accessible and knowledgeable Dynamax factory representative who will be able to help us with any future questions.

We spent our first night "camped" at our dealer's mini rv park. This gave us a chance to load it up with all the basic gear we crammed into our CRV and brought up with us. Note the priorities, liquor box for Imkelina, vacuum for me and a dog blanket for Sydney.  Plus we did some local grocery shopping and prepared the motorhome for our two-week shakedown cruise. We also were able to touch, experiment, explore and question everything within this new toy, but still had much to review.

The next morning we battened down the hatches, hooked up the CRV and headed north. We continue to take only memories, search for everywhere, quit worrying about potholes and stuff our eyes with wonder.

Thank you Webegone for drawing us to you...thank you Imkelina for your steadfastness and dedication...and thanks Sydney for always demonstrating how to enjoy the ride!


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