July 16, 2007

Blue Heron at River's Edge

The roadquest continues...with an overnight stop to see Cathy & Bob at the Rolling Hills Casino in Corning. We looked so much forward to seeing our “Camp Host Mentors”…for they did enable us to truly embrace this new volunteer effort called “hosting”. We had a wonderful evening of conversation with them and then an awesome all you can eat seafood buffet. As they headed home and the vibrant sunset disappeared we both agreed that the next time we were in the area we would connect with our friends again.

The name Klamath is taken from the Native American word Klamet…meaning swiftness and the river and it’s fish are considered sacred by the Native Klamath Tribes. The Blue Heron RV Park proved to be a hidden jewel on the banks of the beautiful river. With high end resort quality pads positioned just 50 feet from the river’s edge, each site offered us an unobstructed 180ยบ view of this beautiful river. Owners Jim and Kathy Burney, and the entire Blue Heron staff, not only welcomed us to their wonderful resort and tasty dishes offered at their Fish Hook Restaurant…but demonstrated the true meaning of “Mi Casa es Tu Casa”.

Each morning we awoke to the “stressful” task of choosing what form of relaxation to try and what to barbeque. Watching the wildlife, lounging, wading, walking, reading or just visiting with our neighbors were among our most popular choices. We were introduced to two delectable wines by vintners Joe and Shirley. Their Lobo Loco Shyraz and Viognier are superb! And then Country Coach Inspire owners, Don and Linda, provided us free “consultations” toward some innovative solar energy upgrades. We look forward to seeing our new friends on the road again.

Sitting on the bank of the Klamath, we became observers of life on this abundant river… Osprey soaring above as they taught their young to catch trout, the Blue Herons, statuettes patiently stalking their prey, Canadian geese floating through the rapids, the Kingfisher scanning the pools for small fish…and as this swift river flows west, providing haven to it’s sacred salmon and steelhead, we prepare to head north to our “new home state”…
Tomorrow the BlaNics invade Oregon!
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