January 23, 2017

Hearst San Simeon State Park

"The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back'
Wendy Wunder

We returned to our Central Coast Hidey Hole, but unbeknownst to us at the time, for a very short stay. We were home just long enough to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday and tidy up the grounds of this beautiful forested abode and it's "hobbit house". In a matter of days we would be returning to our favorite local campgrounds. We went back to San Simeon State Park for a short volunteer tour as Park Camp Hosts.  

During the many years as Central Coast residents, the State Park has been one of our favorite backyards and a constant backdrop during our evolution of RV travel. We have dedicated previous posts to our park...the link will take you back to one of our stays and reveal to you our love for this wonderful park.

When one of our most beloved friends, "Old Fart Frank Roberts", had to leave a wee bit early from his Camp Host stint at San Simeon, we volunteered to cover him for a couple of weeks. Enter Karma...it is an experience and that experience creates memories and those memories create imagination and desire. Well...San Simeon State Park has contributed to manifesting karma and a paragon to our traveling lifestyle. Warmest of memories for sure!

And...hosting has been a "lottery" winner to us! Not only did we meet the Roberts camp hosting, but many of our other lifelong tribe members. We just 'recruited' Christina and John, Rayna and Larry as our blood brethren. Folks, friendship isn't about who you have known the longest... it is about who walks into your life during that perfect moment, demonstrate that they are like-minded, or respectfully can engage in a rousing conversation about issues they are passionate about,  typically show compassion for their brothers, and sisters and are deeply committed to the environment. Most of all our friends consistently walk their talk!  
Synchronicity is alive and well. 

We made daily camp checks throughout the park in our little electric cart (a big treat for Sydney) or via a walk about, exchanged greetings and conversations with fellow campers and sold heaping wheel barrows of fire wood and ended each evening enjoying a  nice "bonfire"...you know I love BIG fires. But more importantly, it was again validated the importance for all of us to be stewards of our natural gems. 

In our brief stint here, Sydney serenaded for the affection of Dale the Cat (with no luck, although they once did a nose kiss), we got to tour the Castle draped in holiday decorations with Christina and John and put on a few ounces of "muscle" with some decadent campground meals.

With our time ending at the park, we bid farewell to Rayna and Larry to spend Christmas with the Nicolais of Cloverdale and then head down to SoCal to Blanco Land. Although our hosting duties may be limited in the future, leaving our footprints at San Simeon will be ongoing for as long as we call this waypoint home.

At Waypoint 35.5903200 -121.0717400