May 1, 2015

The Central Coast Hidey Hole

"Between every two pine trees there is a door leading to a new way of life"
John Muir

After leaving Kelso Dunes, we made one last stop in Mojave to dump and rinse our holding tanks before heading to our coastal "hidey hole" to prepare for our next getaway. We managed to drive over 2,700 miles on this trip, half of those miles towing our new Fox. 

We thought we had created the perfect spot on this new acre property where we planned to park our rig in between adventure trips. We had widened the driveway, trimmed overhead branches, measured different locations multiple times to verify we had enough room to turn and park our trailer. We thought we had done our homework. WRONG! 

After taking the longer scenic route home, we decided to go for it and head straight up to the property. No problem up the steep road. No problem up the steep driveway. Big problems lining up the trailer to back up into our desired spot. 

Just couldn't get the butt of our trailer turned enough as the length of our truck and trailer was a few feet tooooo long. Plus we had missed trimming a few branches, that we initially thought would not be a problem. So, after two hours of back and forth "dance moves" on a steep slope, failed negotiations with the trees and than having to physically trim a few branches that were a hazard, we got the trailer safely parked. In fact we were totally amazed how well we did with all the obstacles. The position of the trailer looked like we had parallel parked it between two trees or a Chinook Helicopter had lifted in up and set it back down in a perfect position. 

But the Fox was not created to be kenneled and this beautiful "hidey hole" proved to be only temporary. Knowing that we would be having some dear friends visiting the coast and camping at San Simeon State Park, we decided that what better opportunity to pull out the rig, dust it off, make sure everything is in working order and most of all enjoy a few evening campfires next to our wonderful friends.  

At Waypoint 35.5442° N-121.0875° W