January 7, 2015

So Near...Yet So Far

"We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us" 

"Happy Birthday 25P #42973"...this was the title of the email sent to us from Thunder RV, our Northwood Manufacturing Arctic Fox Dealer. Our rig was delivered to them on January 5th. 

Although another phase have been completed, we still must wait a little over a couple of months before that window opens up for us to take delivery. In the meantime, Thunder will complete a PDI, add all our options and keep the rig snug and protected until we get the keys.

Here are a couple of photos as it sits outside their maintenance barn. The trailer is awaiting its turn to be moved inside for our solar panel and controller installation.

A few more photos, after our trailer was moved inside, which gives you a tiny glimpse of interior colors and the "small" space we will have for dance lessons.

And for those of you that did catch it...you are correct, the stove top and oven are missing. During their own PDI, they found a tiny scratch on the front of the oven. Thank goodness they found it...cause Imkelina surely would have (in fact "Hawkeye Nicolai would have seen it while still standing outside) and we would not be able to leave the state of Oregon until it was taken care of. We paid for new!

At Waypoint 35°33'03.60"N 121°05'11.40"W…holding pattern.