October 3, 2007


After a seemingly long stay… one month and eight days, at Olde Stone Village in McMinnville… our home on wheels has changed locale. We have arrived at Champoeg State Heritage Park...and what a wonderful breath of fresh air! The tree lined roads and brilliant fall colors are akin to beacons of the season welcoming all visitors to "our" park. Every hue and then some, of green, yellow and red radiate as sunlight filters through the branches. Quite a beautiful sight!
And with a bike trail and walking path along the Willamette River, coupled with abundant wildlife throughout the park…a nourishing environment now embraces the BlaNics.

The transition to our new park began on a wonderful note…a long overdue visit with Eric and Brenda. Just back from an Alaska cruise, they took a few extra days to drive down from Seattle for a two day visit. We managed to share stories, catch up, check in on families, reminisce…and thoroughly enjoy each other’s company. We look forward to our return to Hawaii to spend more needed time with “brodah” & sister.

Over the years we have come to realize that sharing our passion for the outdoors has been truly enjoyable and rewarding. Volunteering as state Park Hosts fulfills those desires of offering our joy, experience and wisdom to new, as well as seasoned campers. One of our many goals as hosts is to highlight an array of reasons to the next generation of youth for why they should continue on the same path of their elders toward preserving, providing and perpetuating our parks, natural resources and outdoor recreation for their future families.
As Park Hosts in Champoeg, we will be the eyes, ears and voice of A Loop Campground. Greet, answer questions, sell firewood and ice, some light grounds maintenance and yurt cleaning will be our primary responsibilities…definitely more fun times then work time…but what a beautiful place to punch a timeclock.
We plan on moving to B Loop Campground November 1st and will host until there until December 31st. The only change to our routine will be the replacement of cabin cleaning instead of yurts. This loop offers wide open vistas versus the lush canopy of ash and oak we now have...but also quite beautiful views.