May 16, 2009

San Luis Obispo County

The County of San Luis Obispo...

With well over a decade of living permanently here in Cambria, there are moments we catch ourselves taking it for granted of just how beautiful, healthy and nourishing it is to experience our life in such a wonderful part of California. Our firm belief that we are truly special and deserve the highest amount of love, joy and happiness in this brief existence has everything to do with the "habitat", the individuals and the experiences we are drawn to. Sometimes, we have brain farts and forget. But we have noticed that individuals often seem to remember the "negative" experiences and take for granted the wonderful ones. We all must try to stay conscious of our daily joys, surprises and good fortune during these trying times...for us life definitely is not just about living in Cambria. So, you won't see us serving liver for dinner!
Now that we are again settled (per the paradigm of many), have put that "heart attack" experience behind us and because we have a number of friends inquiring about our unique "Camelot", we have decided to share some of the highlights we get to enjoy as a so called "local". These select treasures may include some awesome hikes featuring an abundance of scenic vistas and wildlife, local nature sanctuaries and parks, spa, retreats and healers unique to not only nourishing the body and mind, but also the inner self and then maybe a few of our local dining treasures that some people may find should be excluded from the "fine dining" column, but definitely drawing to our taste in food, service and ambiance...our two thumbs up category.

Check out the link...Cambria Wonderings, noted in our "About Us" section for some short highlights and photos of these "best bets" throughout our Central Coast communities (as well as some of our other adventures). You will agree with us, that Cambria, Cayucos, Morro Bay, Los Osos, San Luis Obispo, Pismo Beach and Avila offer a multitude of outdoor activities, unique fare and recreation.
Fortune has indeed blessed us...for everyday we get to call this extension of "OZ" our home.

May 1, 2009

Never Say Never

On the evening of April 1st, Michael was rushed via ambulance to San Luis Obispo with an apparent heart attack. His thirty minutes of denial passed quickly and fortunately... (wasted minutes will damage the heart - "time is muscle"), he quickly determined it was not heartburn, nor indigestion from the delicious pasta dinner I had made for us that evening. This experience was quite real...and yes...a rude awakening that it can anybody, anytime, anywhere...regardless of the physical condition that is "created" by the mind and alas the ego. we can never again think or say "that won't happen to me". Calling 911 instead of doing our own emergency transport turned out to be the best decision. It took only 6 minutes for the "team" to full force...with their two fire engines and paramedic van barreling down the street, lights and sirens ablaze. A wonderful wake up and welcome call to our new neighbors that the BlaNics are back in town!

My drive to the hospital was the longest and most surreal 36 miles I have ever I desperately kept looking ahead for the lights of the ambulance, so many thoughts, feelings and questions come through you. Thank God for John & Diane for providing some much needed reassurance and strength that night...I cannot fathom to what depths my emotions could have traveled without our dear friends. Their professional knowledge detailing what was happening, the procedure that was being performed, the safeguards that were in place and above all the comfort and courage you offered me, made that night bearable...It was with much reluctance, that I left Michael's side at 3:00 that morning with the realization that we have not spent the night apart since we've been married!!

Reinforcements arrived in the following days ...bringing delicious meals, joy and laughter, never ending support, endless love, and the strength offered by their presence. STUNNED...the word most used when the news reached out. This was as much of a shock to our family and friends as it was to both of us!!! And not a day has gone by that someone from our circle of loved ones has expressed encouragement, offered their aid and included us in prayer.

It has been one month since that frightening evening and all is as it should be. Michael has recovered extremely well with his new coronary stent system...cardio therapists say his heart is performing at "textbook levels"...and he is biting at the bit to be "off leash". A regime of regular cardiac therapy and cardiologist oversight, daily mouthfuls of long term medications and the "fresh curiosity" to explore healthier recipes as a way to satisfy his culinary passion are now a part of this latest life change. Long walks through our local nature sanctuaries have always provided our meditational ride...but now this activity is a daily requirement and already we are posting at least 20 miles per week.

Our moments in this realm are just that...compared to a snowflake or a raindrop from our heavens...these beautiful breaths of life are truly precious...and as we have come to realize, at times fragile and so fleeting. Shame on us if we dare to squander them on what is not important, not relevant and not nourishing to our happiness and being. Life is a game, a classroom and an, exciting, breathtaking...and with it come surprises that may be meant to change the ending (beginning)...whatever experience we have, is what is meant to be.

And through all this, it was so ever evident that we are indeed family...not just biological, inheritance or by accident...but a family created by our love for each other...we are all brothers and sisters. We honor all of you...for our crisis was the crisis of many, our fear was your fear, our hopes your hope and our ultimate joy and happiness...your joy and happiness.

To all our "family"...we love you, we thank you...we have created a covenant to do everything we can to dispense of this kind of entertainment in the future.