December 29, 2009

Switching Gears

Today we saw our beloved Country Coach...affectionately known as "Hannah" motor down the road to destinations unknown...the deep throaty sound of her diesel offering a fond farewell. It was the first time...and the last, that we had the opportunity to view our coach as curbside aficionados. What a beautiful looking motorhome! Proud new owners will now have the same wondrous tasks of plotting out what roads and adventures this marvelous coach will travel to and what unique experiences they will be able to draw to themselves.

Although a sad day for both of us, we recognized how much richer our lives have become by the incredible memories that we now own, the beautiful and fascinating places we visited and the special individuals we met during our tenure in the "fulltimer" club. This collection of life long friends would probably have never been created so effortlessly without the aid of our "home on wheels" calling card.

What will be next for the BlaNics? Well...creating more memories of course! No doubt that we will again seek out those country roads, explore some of the myriad number of unique natural wonderlands and make time to wear down more tread on those hiking shoes. 
And hopefully along the way, the winds will again draw to us more of those unique vagabonds...the storytellers of life...our mentors, wizards and witches...who we will also embrace as members of our family.

As of this posting, we are again retracing the steps that eventually led us to acquiring our amazing motorhome. We plan on downsizing to a rig with the agility and size to seek out those hard to get to sites that in in our National and State Parks that tantalize us, but also possess the durability to travel the unpaved and isolated roads of the BLM Lands.