March 29, 2009


Until Furthur Notice...

With our "tree house" secured and the move of our stored belongings finally completed, we can now get to the very slow task of "nesting"...although anyone that knows us, is well aware that we are not nesters. We believe it will be a few weeks before all the boxes are emptied and every shelf, nook and cranny filled. Fortune is with us though...with the Spring Break Holiday upon us, we have some quality time for this "team" of lifedancers to work together. This "Suzanne" home is quite special though...forest views and starlit nights, while deer, squirrels, quail, wild turkeys and woodpeckers abound in their own communities right outside our walls. And with our windows and balcony decks providing close views of all their daily activities, we are rarely not entertained by nature's gatekeepers.

Seeing our beloved coach stored created sad moments...especially after 2 years and 3 months of living on wheels full time. There is something so tangible about having your daily living needs all within 20 steps of you...the compact/impact home and the simplicity of the lifestyle...all the while providing security and offering a true sense of freedom and independence...quite a contrast from the current paradigm we now have chosen to go back too. House payments, utilities, a high ceiling, a bathtub and added space seems foreign to us right now.

We are committed though to accept this change as a temporary "rest stop" (although we may re-define the meaning of temporary with this wonderful sanctuary) different than the many stops we had while living in the coach. We also are seriously contemplating summer plans to connect with fellow coachers and close friends and motor up, down and around any scenic byway that have a lure for adventure. Until then though, we plan on enjoying this little Alban house with some Weber grills, delectable wines and the company of our special family and friends.