September 14, 2015

Champoeg State Park

"When it is dark enough, you can see the stars." 
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Seeing the entrance sign for Champoeg State Park was a welcoming sight for we had so many memories of this park from our days of hosting here. In 2007 we camphosted twice at Champoeg. Here are our blog links to them both. First hosting stint and second hosting stint were during a different season, with extreme weather challenges. This visit, though not as colorful, had pretty tame temps that did not warrant flannel sheets and a heater going on and off throughout the night.

We had a site reserved in B Loop, not far from our old hosting space. As we hosted during the fall, with the beautiful colors, green lawns and unbelievable rainfall, the park looked different during these summer months, but no less beautiful.

During this stay, there wasn’t a day that Imkelina and Sydney did not walk almost ten miles (occasionally with me in tow)…almost as if she was catching up on what she missed during the cold months we were here before. She definitely gorged on trails this trip.
We strolled down memory lane by walking up and down the River Trail. This beautiful paved trail above the Willamette River is favored by campers and locals alike, as it offers miles and miles of scenic views with several alternate side trails to interesting points.

Although we were told that during the summer months the campground was full, we were still surprised to see it so each day. A new wave of tent, cabin, yurt or RV campers would fill any vacated site. Frisbee golfers filled the course each day and many people visited the Visitor’s Center with it’s interpretive displays. But even with all this activity that went on from daytime to late evening, it did not compete with the craziness that comes to Hearst San Simeon Campground during the summer. Call these Oregonian campers tame and docile…but we see it as respectful…to fellow campers and to the park…quite refreshing.

On the day of our arrival, we were able to connect with our friends Patrick and Cheryl…and Splash. As they live nearby, it was not a long drive for them to stop by for pupus. We met them when we hosted together at Champoeg in 2007 and have stayed in touch ever since.

The next day, we spent an evening with our dear friend Pat and her partner Michael. We had also met Pat in 2007 when we were staying in McMinnville, Oregon. We immediately connected and have become close friends, so it is just natural for us to plan our itinerary to include an opportunity for a visit. Pat has generously offered us the use of her RV lot in Port Ludlow, Washington for a few days as we explore the Olympic Peninsula.

On our last day, we drove to Newberg for some grocery shopping and were shocked to see this restaurant…A Taste of 808. The 808 is the area code of Imkelina’s beloved Hawaii. We had to stop for a mango/passion fruit shaved Ice. I would have gotten a couple dozen of Malasadas to pig out on…but fortunately for my body, they only made them on certain days of the week and we were departing the next morning. 

After three days, we left this wonderful State Park and headed north. Our plans were to spend one night in Cougar, Washington and then head up to a Forest Service Campground in the Gifford-Pinchot National Forest.

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