March 15, 2017

Darby Well Road Boondockers

"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. 
I hope someday you'll join us. And the world will live as one."
John Lennon

Friends Dick and Melinda have shared many a conversation with us of camping on the BLM land around Ajo, Arizona. So it was an easy decision to rendezvous with them there for a few days to have that experience for ourselves. Deserts have always attracted nomads.

Dick and Melinda had found a perfect camping spot large enough to easily fit two rigs, pretty flat and some awesome views. Imkelina just needed to drive a few miles in on a washboard, rut filled, sandy road to get there. We enjoyed many beautiful hikes, had some fun happy hours and many energetic campfire conversations...sister and brothers forever! 

But we did have a hilarious take away during a brief tutorial on how to prepare "Chorizo" know, the soft and spongy Mexican sausage roll. If you want to try a dish way ahead of it's time, ask Dick and Melinda about their Chorizo grilling recipe. Melinda says the "one eye monster" will never feel the same...

Although I have never been a "desert rat", I gotta admit the seams of these desert horizons have intrigued me...much like a brown maiden basking in the sun. Oh those desert vistas! Brilliant sunrises to awaken to and stunning sunsets to introduce those luminous starry nights. We have become fascinated with this region of land. This is a land of extremes, a land of contrast and definitely a land of many surprises.

Not a day passed that Imkelina and her loyal sidekick Sydney were able to leave their tracks on miles of desert washes, game trails and rock strewn ridges. Imkelina's unlimited photo opportunities were only exceeded by Sydney's treasure of critter scents.  

As each new day unfolded, the crisp, fresh morning air acted as an immediate tonic, sending a charge of life through me. Below us were the beautiful vistas of rocky gorges and on the desert floor, a mosaic of shapes and colors created by cacti with wrist-less arms and their desert blooms. Enchanting, inspiring and awe bled from my mind as it tried to comprehend this wonderful medley of sights...I have discovered the West of my imagination.

At Waypoint 32.34592, -112.89218
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