December 21, 2015

Winter Solstice

"Awaken your life force...bring it alive. Fill yourself with Chi (energy). 
Fill yourself until you feel vital, alive. 
Feel it until you become happy and joyful, 
grateful to be alive on this planet.
Feel it until you see how connected you are with all that lives."
Melody Beattie

Winter Solstice comes to us here on the Central Coast at 8:49pm today. The term solstice comes for the Latin word solstitium, meaning 'the sun stands still'. Even though the Solstice marks the beginning of Winter, it is also when the days gradually become longer. For this reason, the solstice has always been a celebration for Imkelina. She dances and exclaims, "Today the sun turns around!" Rather than write about what the longer days mean for my sun, we will let her pictures do the talking. None of these are actually taken on this solstice as we are currently enjoying much needed rain. 
This is Imkelina's ode to the sun!

It is no wonder that when years ago someone first asked me, what does her name mean, my heart created the words and I answered without hesitation...
It means, "Remember the Sun." 

We wish you joy, love and light. May your wine glasses always be filled...cheers!

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