November 11, 2015

Salmon Harbor Marina

If a man knows not what harbor he seeks, any wind is the right wind."
Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Winchester Bay has been one of our favorite travel stops over the last 8 years. We previously blogged about our two  stays when we were "camped" at Winchester Bay RV Resort at Salmon Harbor. Our first taste of Winchester Bay was in July 2007 and our return visit was almost one year to the date late July 2008. On this eagerly awaited visit we decided to dry camp at Salmon Harbor Marina, away from those luxurious high end diesel pushers and fifth wheels and hang out with our "normal folk." Of course those fine rv resort amenities...were not to be had hoo hoo, but we had a wonderful spot and great harbor views and sunsets. So we settled in for 5 days of dry camping serenaded by an occasional rain shower and lulled into a sound sleep by the night's ocean breeze and that lonely harbor fog horn. 

We arrived at Winchester Bay, but were greeted with a big disappointment. NO dungeness crab! Imkelina had been salivating about getting her whole fresh crab here for the last week and now come to find out no fresh crab in any restaurant, seafood store or any commercial fishermen's net. We were told that the crab had not completed their molting process. So...plan B...a dozen BlaNic grilled oysters...super fresh and HUGE...for they were farmed that very morning. And I do love it when Imke can OD on oysters! She is so "dainty" when she devours a dozen or so. 

"World Famous" Umpqua Aquaculture oyster farm is located in the triangular breakwater of Winchester Bay, where the Umpqua River meets the Pacific Ocean. The oysters are grown on suspended long lines, off the ocean floor in cold ocean water and clean river water, thus oysters free of any nasty bottom sediment. You can definitely taste the difference in their meat. And, although hard to believe, they are even more delicious than Tognazzini's Dockside in Morro Bay.

Also during our time here was the beginning run on the Chinook salmon. I came close to breaking out my fishing gear to try my luck at hooking up with one of these early birds...but I only had ultra-light gear and hooking up with a small 24lb. Chinook would be quite a challenge to bring I did not want to piss off these dedicated Oregonian fisherman by snagging their lines with my with 8lb test. We did enjoy watching the "line" of diehards make hundreds of casts in hope of landing a prize catch.

We took a short hike on the Tahkenitch Dunes Trail, which we had never done. This was a fun afternoon hike through spruce forests and large dunes, as it lazily skirted along a stream with may viewpoints providing views of the Pacific Ocean. 

Although Salmon Harbor offered a great price point, views and privacy....our next visit to Winchester Bay will be another stay at Loop A at Salmon Harbor Marina or Winchester Bay RV Resort...all depends on what type of rig we will be habituating...yes, we are exploring another Class A. For a few bucks more at the resort, we can spoil ourselves and make sure Sydney is not looking like a "res" dog for a few days.

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