October 16, 2015

Salt Creek Recreation Area

"The language of friends is not words, but meanings"
Henry David Thoreau

RV living can be golden when your campsites mirror each other, i.e.beauty for beauty (and your rig easily fits your site). Well that was our lucky draw as we left Paradise Bay in Port Ludlow and arrived at Salt Creek Recreation Area in Port Angeles. Although this campground was full and our sites were close together, this brief relocation turned out to be perfect, as it was a gathering of dear friends. Patrick and Cheryl and Dick and Melinda joined us for some hugs, laughs, story telling (they love my embellished rants) and "catch up" time. And for all of us to choose a "normal campground" versus our beloved preference of boondocking, this reunion had to be special. 

Parked on the sea cliffs of the Pacific, with panoramic views of the Strait of Juan De Fuca, Crescent Bay and Vancouver Island, Canada, this County Park is truly a gem and the perfect setting for exploration and discovery.

Salt Creek is recognized to be the home to some of the most exceptional tide pools in the Northwest...ALMOST as wonderful as our own beloved central coast. Low tides will provide you a bountiful array of sea life to view not only at Tongue Point Marine Sanctuary, but on the shoreline of the entire bluff campground. 

Birdwatchers can keep those binocs and spotting scopes warm most of the day with the many different sea birds to see on the cliffs, water and in the air. Not to be outdone for camera time, playful otters can be seen diving for food or lazily floating atop the rhythmic shoreline swells.

Casual walking trails or more challenging hikes also entertained us during our stay. We attempted a short hike with some great views of the coastline below us, but halfway through our hike we chose to turn around. After the recent rains, the trail was extremely slick and proved to be unsafe. No chances would be taken to be a Humpty Dumpty.

From the campground you had a front row seat to watch the many container ships, tankers, freighters, cruise ships and maybe an occasional submarine pass through the Strait of Juan De Fuca. We were fortunate to have a Trident Submarine sighting as it worked it's way up the coast toward us. Flanked on each side by large tenders, we anxiously awaited it's arrival with binoculars and ready cameras. Unfortunately, prior to reaching our viewing station, and for whatever reason, the sub made a U-turn and headed full speed out to open water. 

The Salt Creek Recreation Area was previously Camp Hayden, a harbor defense military camp during World War II. The remnants of Camp Hayden, two concrete bunkers which housed 16" cannons are still there to view with interpretive boards providing many historical facts.

We had a wonderful stay here and reconnecting with friends is perfect no matter where we are. After many days together, carving our initials in two states, Dick and Melinda had to head back home. We don't like goodbyes...so we try to avoid them. Our time away from each other is only an intermission, like pressing a "pause" button. Those wonderful elebrations with each other will always resume somewhere down the road... 

As we made that dreaded U-Turn south, we could see the shores of Canada beckoning and are looking forward to a return to the northwest and beyond!!! We are still yearning to explore more of Olympic National Park, so from here we will stay flexible to exercise the chance to explore another magical destination within the park's boundaries. Desire and time are key ingredients to manifestation. 

At Waypoint 48.165000-123.699040
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