February 1, 2015

What Day Is It? It's Finally That Someday!

"A Cambrian Sea breeze had arrived...bringing with it the lure of new adventures yet to come and whispering of those uncharted shores, peaks, forests and rivers I will get to explore. "
Words of Sydney 2015

Turning the pages on a new calendar, we now allow the universe to unfold our next adventure toward those open spaces and draw us yet again to a few unique storytellers and life long mentors.

The countdown is now and we are on the tarmac with our checklist preparing for take off.

Notified that our new Arctic Fox was ready for delivery, we scheduled our pick up date and walk through on March 30th. As we have been outfitting our new trailer for many weeks, the last step was just to do a double check of all our inventory and load up the truck. We were quite surprised of how much space our "treasures" took up in the bed of our truck, but the Ram did not even flinch or sag under the added weight. Awesome truck!

We chose to take three full days to reach La Grande, Oregon, allowing us just a bit of time to check out a few points of interest. Although our set course was not the most scenic route, it was the most direct. We did treat ourselves by spending our first night in one of our favorite Eastern Sierra hangouts...Lone Pine, CA and them Alabama Hills. We drove out to Tuttle Creek Campground and made note of a few remote sites in Alabama Hills. A return visit to "them hills" will be with our new trailer.

Another quick stop we made while enroute on Nevada's Highway 95 was Sportsman Beach Campground at Walker Lake. Fellow wanderers have written reviews of their camping experience there and almost all were positive. The campground offered some large pull-through gravel sites with a shade shelter, fire pit, picnic table and a great lake view.

We reached La Grande, Oregon as planned and could not wait to catch a glimpse of our new trailer, so we drove out to Thunder RV. Unfortunately, it was not featured on the lot...but probably garaged...snug and clean awaiting our pre-delivery inspection the next morning. No doubt we will probably be waiting in front of their gates before they open...a big event for us!

At Waypoint 45.336438°-118.056408°
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