August 22, 2007

Re-Discovering Country Coach

As happened in the past, a trip to Country Coach headquarters in Junction City, Oregon, the home of the "Worlds Finest Motorcoach", again reinforced our decision to exclusively seek and own a CC motor home. Completing another tour of the factory (our initial tour was six years ago), it was again validated to us that Country Coach offers the finest and safest chassis in the industry today, provides only state of the art design and construction (hand built one at a time), demands the highest quality of craftsmanship while using only the best hardwoods, counter tops and flooring and reasearches and utilizes only the finest materials and premier appliances...but above all else...and without any hesitation toward cost...ensures that they are second to none in providing unequaled customer service to all of their owners.
Our visit included only some minor servicing (after hearing other owners discuss their problems...ours was indeed minor) and warranty work. But even a legendary Country Coach motor home can have the consequences of being built one coach at a time by human hands. We immediately realized our coach was the oldest and the least monetary investment of the owners lined up on the lot. Next to us was a 2002, 1.3 million dollar, Prevost Bus Conversion that had water leak issues and had ruined the red silk wallpaper, then there was a 2007, 800k, Affinity with an electrical meltdown (not good for an all electric coach) or on the other side of us, a new 470k Allure (same as our Hannah) with slide out failure. Although each one of these owners was unhappy that their coach required servicing...each one of the owners agreed... "Country Coach takes care of us and will make it right".
We visited the number one Country Coach dealership in the U.S. for a free lunch and to look (drool) at the 36' 2008 Inspires and 37' Allures...flat out gorgeous! Upon our return to the manufacturer, we shared our interest toward a new purchase with the technicians assigned to our coach. Service writer and technicians responded the same...WHY? But WHY? WHY would you? They proceeded to provide us the facts about our mature, but wonderful coach;
"The 2002 line of Country Coach was one of the best years of coach production (2000-2002) for the company. For 3 straight years that traditional style, the floor plans and the best proven components were used...and the company only produced 400 total coaches each year....and that is combined....all models. Since 2003, the body styles, components, electronics (which our now out of this world) and slide out operation has changed each year...resulting in limited "seasoning" of each new model to totally get all the kinks out. Plus, you now have Country Coach producing almost 900 coaches per year (still the lowest of the large high line production companies...i.e Monaco produces 9,000), so production schedules, personnel and quality control are now being strained to meet this high demand. Look at it this way, your coach was "slow roasted" using a tried and true family recipe, until completed to perfection".
Did that dialogue make us beam even more about our Allure. And with that perfect report card, we gave our coach a hug, saddled up to mosey up to McMinnville for some green pasture, blue skies, a soothing spray wash, followed by a deserving hand massage of wax.
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